Where Do Cravings Come From?

Kicking cravings and the sugar habit

A craving reminds me of an itch. It comes on suddenly and demands attention until you satisfy it. But what’s underneath that intense, urgent desire?

One nearly universal trigger of cravings is stress. We want to ease those anxious feelings with chips, sugar, carbohydrates, chocolate, alcohol—whatever is particularly soothing to us.

Unfortunately, the fix is only temporary and sets us up for another craving later on. As our blood sugar shoots up from the many forms of sugar we consume (this includes white potatoes, bread, pasta and chips as well as the more obvious sugars), it will eventually crash. When we feel depleted, the only solution as far as our body is concerned is more sugar—quick.

But what is underneath that craving in the first place? We may have found that other needs in our life weren’t getting met for things like love, attention, emotional security, support or even the need for rest.

We learned to reach out for substitutes that made us feel better. And it works, for a little while… But once it turned into a habit, as much as we want to jump off the roller coaster, anything that triggers feelings we learned to stuff down with food triggers our cravings.

Some of us come from families that are especially sensitive to sugar. My grandfather used to say he only ate dinner to get to dessert. My aunt is a self-confessed chocoholic. Alcoholism, another form of sugar, also runs in our family. We are especially susceptible to cravings for a variety of reasons, from genetics to environment.

If you grew up with sweet cereals, cookies, soda and other forms of sugar in your diet, you body has adjusted to high amounts of the substance and will go through withdrawal when you decide to get off the stuff. This is where you probably could use some help.

However, considering how sugar strips us of nutrients, contributes to aging and cancer, initiates the disease process and much more, it is well worth the effort. Besides, when we are free of the vicious cycle of cravings and remorse and frustration, we begin to feel alive again—from our tastebuds to our toes.

We get more energy, think more clearly, our body feels fewer aches and pains and we feel more confident about managing our lives and attaining our goals. (My clients have noted that their rash cleared up, acid reflux disappeared, acne went away, and their depression improved—all from getting out from under daily doses of sugar!)

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You’ll want to try this new way of looking at cravings to relieve your cycle of frustration. It’s been said that cravings aren’t the problem, they are the solution. You’ll find out why along with tips on:

  • What cravings are and when should you worry?
  • How feelings create cravings
  • How we develop food sensitivities and their link to cravings
  • New ways to respond to cravings
  • Healing from cravings

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