What Is Love?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “love”? Does Valentine’s Day bring with it certain expectations? Love has inspired songs, plays, great courage and sacrifice, yet how do you define it? We see the results, but the feeling itself is elusive.

Love crowd

I think it’s a sharing of oneself that breaks down our protective boundaries. In order to do that, we have to feel a strong enough sense of self to suspend protection of the ego and reach out to another with an open heart.

When toddler twin boys were recently playing and a chest of drawers fell on one of them, the other immediately lifted up the chest with strength beyond his age to save his brother. That’s love.

A relative sent the word out to cousins across the country to send cards to the two oldest members of the family. The nonagenarians were touched when they were flooded with cards! Love.

Learning to be inner-directed instead of outer-directed in our actions—self love.

A woman changes careers from a lucrative modeling job in Europe to living in a hut in Africa. She felt guided to save the rare and nearly extinct White Lions from rich American hunters by getting donations to create a sanctuary. Love, once again.

I know when I’m feeling love and can spot it when I see it. I doubt it feels quite the same for everybody, but it makes our world a more beautiful place. I hope you’ll join me in sharing some on Valentine’s Day and every day.

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