Toxic Times Call for Special Rejuvenation

Since World War II, our world has become increasingly toxic from petroleum and other chemically engineered products. At the same time, our society has become more fast-paced and stressful as workloads and money pressures increase, the digital world explodes, and we’re bombarded with TV, movie or personal violence. We are also contending with extreme weather patterns, toxic food and water, EMFs (Electronic Magnetic Frequencies) and more.

Many of us (especially Highly Sensitive People) are aware we’ve reached the tipping point for our culture and change is a necessity. Our hope lies in old and new concepts like locally grown food, sustainability, environmental protection and awareness, the Slow Movement, community housing, shared resources and ideas yet to come.

self care in a toxic world

But how do we survive the transitional time? Highly Sensitive People are often referred to as the Canaries in the Coal Mine. According to Harry Hong, L.Ac., “The toxins and stress have pushed our bodies (sic) into a situation that many doctors have never seen in human history. The high toxin accumulation and stressed healing ability trigger hypersensitivity of the immune system.”

More and more allergies and auto-immune diseases have shown up in recent years. Hong explains, “The new pattern of diseases such as the Five A’s (Asthma, Allergy, Autism, ADHD and Auto-Immune), as well as fatigue, insomnia, digestive, hormonal and emotional problems are the result of toxins, malfunction of the immune system and stressed healing ability.

Hong coined the term, Highly Sensitive Body, to explain those who are the first to respond to our toxic and difficult environment. Most conditions he lists seem to ring true with my experience from both my clients and myself, which at first glance appears overwhelming. But the essence of our answer lies in our ability to Live life differently, as author of The Highly Sensitive Person, Elaine Aron, PhD, suggests.

The idea is that we need to honor our bodies’ signals when it’s time for a break before we get hit over the head with a migraine or get so wired we can’t sleep. Eating healthy, mostly organic food will keep us from developing many toxin-based conditions, like Endometriosis. Getting plenty of time in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city or suburban life can nourish us like nothing else. Otherwise the constant lights, noise, and crowds will impact our nervous system, leading to other ailments. Our bodies were meant to thrive in a simple, natural world.

Some other suggestions would be to get a pet and make them a part of your life if you haven’t already done so. That connection and bond soothes the soul and can be a calming influence after a hard day’s work. Or give yourself as much quiet, Easy Does It time as you need to replenish your energy and regain the ability to enjoy other people’s company.

Last, but not least, eat whole, fresh unprocessed foods free of preservatives and chemicals like High Fructose Corn Syrup or hydrogenated oils. You might start your new, Nourishing Lifestyle with a Cleanse like the one I’m offering after my free tele-seminar on April 21st. Click here for more information.

We will be boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, getting rid of cravings and blood sugar highs and lows, and adding in lots and lots of nutrients to help us regain our energy to take the next small step and the next until we feel healthier and revitalized.

Maybe being a Canary is really about leading others through a transition to a less toxic, healthier, more humane, inter-dependent world. I’m passionate about helping anyone who wants to rise like a Phoenix, enjoying a way of living that supports you and enables you to share your unique gifts with the world. You simply being you will bring more vibrant, healing energy to those not yet aware of the impact of our industrialized world on our health and well being.

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