My Personal Journey as a Highly Sensitive Person

I’m a highly sensitive woman who has been on a journey of discovery around accepting and learning to thrive with an introverted, adventuresome, intuitive, easily over-aroused nature.

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As a teenager, I was often home on a Friday night, instead of dating, like my more popular sister. I really felt happy being home, but felt somehow I was supposed to be out socializing. I sensed that my mother felt sorry for me and that made me feel worse. In comparison to my sister, I was sure there was something wrong with me.

I’d often get myself into situations that overwhelmed me (when one assumes that the way you are is a problem, you push yourself to be more like everyone else). I would drink too much at parties, so I could actually enjoy them. All I really did was numb out and become someone I’d shy away from when sober.

I also had that need for adventure, so I would jump into something and tell myself to sink or swim. I once went on a cruise by myself. I quickly realized that it was a mistake. I was overwhelmed by the nightlife, gambling, drinking and crowds. A psychic told me that I needed to get off the boat and get grounded. Since that wasn’t an option, I spent much of the time feeling like I was having an out-of-body experience. Not a nice way to treat a highly sensitive soul like myself.

I realized that my path was different from that of the rest of my family. When I learned that I was a highly sensitive person and an Empath, I felt relief. There were others out there like me! It has been a bumpy, expansive, painful and joyful road since then. I worked with a therapist to rewrite the scripts that had shaped my self-image. Those critical voices in my head telling me I’m not good enough still surface now and then, but I usually acknowledge them and lead myself forward with a wiser, more compassionate voice.

When I learned that I was a highly sensitive person and an Empath, I felt relief.

I have learned to listen to my body when it says “enough!” I can awake the next day feeling rested and ready to navigate through life with renewed self-respect. I learned to decipher the foods that nourish me and those that don’t by tuning into the signals my body is so good at supplying. When I listen, my body stays at my ideal weight effortlessly.

I’m tapping into my intuition and creativity more than ever before. My intuition supplies me with amazing gifts. I was recently able to comfort an old friend on the day her mother died, because I listened to the urgent voice telling me to call “now.”

The more we acknowledge our gifts and embrace who we are, the more they are available to guide us through life in a way most cannot access. Today, I’m grateful that I’m a Highly Sensitive Woman with such a finely tuned navigation system.

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As I drop my resistance and accept that I need to do life differently, I receive the Divine Guidance that turns my sensitivities into strengths. A new life awaits us–one that is joyful, abundant, passionate and free!

When I first came to Sheryl, I was constantly feeling sick–pain, headaches, extreme fatigue and brain fog. I went for many tests, but there were no answers.

What Sheryl has done to help me overcome these issues is remarkable! When I was feeling stuck and alone in my life, Sheryl brought me back into balance. She taught me about eating whole food and the effects of processed food.

Sheryl guided me to recognize the effects of emotional eating and how to overcome the cravings. She helped me honor my sensitivities as an Empath and follow my heart to believe in myself.

Sheryl works using love, compassion, knowledge, integrity, passion, empowerment–the list goes on. I had food sensitivity testing with Sheryl and now know which foods to avoid and when foods are not reacting well in my body, how to take care of myself.

I am treating the body as sacred and honoring my sensitivities. My confidence level has grown. I have been able to push forward and follow my life purpose.

Sheryl is someone who understands the needs of the sensitive individual. She helps you find yourself and honor who you are in every way. She’s an astounding, remarkable woman and I would highly recommend her!
-Tanya P., Westport, MA

You may feel stuck and discontented with what you perceive to be characteristics that limit you. Change can be scary or intimidating for most of us. With a safe, supportive coach you can feel whole and more confident one step at a time. Your sensitivities will guide us, and soon your life will be radically different.

You will know what it is to be comfortable in your own skin. Your life will nurture the unique soul who came into being with your own special gifts. You will be ready to share those gifts on a higher level. You will be YOU and the world will be better for it. Isn’t it time we took the first step? Click here to set up a time to talk.