What Makes Us Sick and How to Get Well

Our society has become incredibly fast-paced and stressful as workloads and money pressures increase, the digital world explodes, and we’re bombarded with greater images of violence and abuse in the media. We seem to be sick more often.

Avoid being sick

We are also contending with a less visible, but even more disturbing trend that includes deadly toxins in our food, air and water, extreme weather patterns of global warming, EMFs (Electronic Magnetic Frequencies) running through our own energetic bodies and more.

Many of us, especially Highly Sensitive People, are aware that we’ve reached the tipping point and change is imperative. Our hope lies in old and new concepts alike, such as locally-grown organic food, sustainability, environmental protection and awareness, more community housing, shared resources and the hope of greater ideas yet to come.

But how do we survive the transitional time? Highly Sensitive People are often referred to as the Canaries in the Coal Mine. “The toxins and stress have pushed our bodies into a situation that many doctors have never seen in human history,” according to Harry Hong, LAc. “The high toxin accumulation and stressed healing ability trigger hypersensitivity of the immune system.”

More and more allergies and auto-immune diseases have shown up in recent years. Hong explains, “The new pattern of diseases such as the Five A’s (Asthma, Allergy, Autism, ADHD and Auto-Immune), as well as fatigue, insomnia, digestive, hormonal and emotional problems are the result of toxins, malfunction of the immune system and stressed healing ability.

When we follow the research more deeply, we find that many cleansing pathways of the body have been compromised by a variety of toxins, from detergents containing estrogen-mimicking hormones to the Glyphosate that infiltrates our food through GMO crops and harvesting practices to heavy metals, parasites and more.

Beginning with the gut, the internal environment these toxins create harms our microbiome (bacteria that outnumber our cells by 10 to 1), leading to Leaky Gut. This means food particles leak into the bloodstream and inflammation occurs. We not only develop food sensitivities, but may develop rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Crohn’s and other chronic illnesses. The high incidence of cardiac failure, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s and other Western diseases all correlate with modern industrialized practices that interfere with our ability to live a robust, healthy life and not be sick all the time.

We have life-long changes we can make to help mitigate the stresses on our bodies, but most of us need a deep clean to get us feeling well enough to continue implementing the changes that will keep us healthy.

A deep clean means addressing what we eat, correcting our sleep patterns, practicing daily cleanse techniques, knowing how to shop for food and kitchenware, using tried and true methods to clear out the toxic gunk hidden in our fat cells, and learning just the right pace to add in cleansing techniques that keep us feeling well while clearing and dissolving bad bacteria, toxins and parasites.

This may be a big chunk to absorb if you haven’t really thought about it before. But the process can be simple and safe with the right guide to show you the steps.

If you’re intrigued or know someone who might be able to benefit from this or future articles on what makes us sick and how to get well, please share this article. More information will follow over the next couple of months as I invite you to consider joining my new science-based program in January, Deep Clean Your Way to Robust Health.

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