In the Midst of a New Year Resolution?

How many New Year resolutions have you made and forgotten? The most common ones have to do with diet and exercise. Oprah has been convincing people to jump on the Weight Watcher’s bandwagon lately. We’re usually either starting a new exercise regime or convinced that the latest weight-loss solution will be our answer. What if you just let go of all that?

Healthy New Year

What if you decided this new year to do something different? What if you tried a simple five-day cleanse (with food) and gently added in a variety of healthy foods? What if you started moving in a way that uniquely suits you? What if you thought about this as a lifestyle change instead of dieting? That’s what many of my clients and I have done deliciously and successfully.

I really thought I would have to get knee replacements. Within three days of joining the Sugar Blast Program, I didn’t have any pain in my knees anymore. It’s amazing! I never thought that would happen. My blood sugar is lower too. ~Liz F., Fall River, MA

Sheryl guided me to recognize the effects of emotional eating and how to overcome the cravings…She helps you find yourself and honor who you are in every way. She’s an astounding, remarkable woman and I would highly recommend her! ~Tanya P., Westport, MA

What You Can Expect When You Join the Cleanse:

  • Greater Clarity and Better Moods
  • More Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Fewer Aches and Pains
  • Eliminate Cravings

You’re welcome to join me this new year for a free Cravings Free Forever teleclass on Friday, January 22 at noon or in-person on Saturday, January 23 at 11 a.m. at Mattapoisett Wellness Center, 76 County Road, Mattapoisett. You will learn:

  • What cravings are and when you should worry
  • How feelings create cravings
  • How we develop food sensitivities
  • New ways to respond to cravings
  • Healing from cravings
  • and more!

Start the New Year without the usual resolutions and just treat your body well with whole, fresh food—it’s a 2016 promise you can keep!

Click here to register for the TELECLASS.

Click here to register for the IN-PERSON session.

EZ Ways to Boost Memory

memoryIf you keep forgetting what you wanted to say or pass a familiar turn on the road, maybe your memory could use a boost. An easy way to remember four helpful hints is to call them the 4Es:

  1. Eat healthy food and avoid junk food. Researchers fed mice our standard junk food with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives and coloring. Within 9 months they were brain damaged. Can you imagine what this stuff has been doing over a lifetime?
  2. Eat a small amount of dark, high quality chocolate. It contains theobromine, which stimulates your vagus nerve to increase oxygen flow to your brain.
  3. Eliminate drugs that interfere with your brain, like alcohol, antihistamines, or opiates.
  4. Exercise. It will increase brain-derived neurotropic factor or BDNF. The more BDNF you have, the stronger and tighter the connections are between your brain cells. This improves alertness, focus and memory.

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