Fall Cleanse Program

Give Your Body the Cravings-Free, Revitalizing Cleanse It Deserves

Boost Your Energy, Lose Weight and Breathe Easier

Do you suffer from fatigue, achy joints, brain fog, cravings and a few extra pounds you just can’t seem to lose? I know I did until I discovered a way of eating that truly supports my body. We’re all different, so the idea that one way of eating fits all never really worked.

As women we have our own set of issues, from PMS to hot flashes and bloating to mood swings. Weight, as we hit middle age, seems to keep coming on with greater and greater effort to take it off. Sometimes it seems downright impossible!

So how do we get back on track? That’s what my Cravings-Free Fall Cleanse is all about—a Restart! Clients have reported weight loss, freedom from cravings, no more aching joints, better memory, better moods, feeling rested from a good night’s sleep, and a surge in energy.

“I lost weight and feel so much healthier! If I can do this, I can do anything!”

~Danielle L., Somerset, MA

Are You Ready to Take Charge of Your Health Once and For All?

Healthy SoupMaybe you’ve realized that your food cravings and other physical symptoms like exhaustion or recurring headaches (plus all the money you’ve spent trying to overcome your weight and health issues) are making you feel old before your time. In other words, you have reached a point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. That means you’re ready to take the first step toward long-lasting wellness and this simple 5-day Cravings-Free Fall Cleanse is designed for just that reason.

I know how you feel… your sinuses bother you, sometimes more than others, and the extra pounds don’t seem to budge no matter what you do. You feel frustrated because you want to enjoy life more. You probably feel run-down. You’re emotionally and physically drained and coffee is the only thing that gets you going in the morning. You’re stressed and you know the food you’re eating isn’t helping, but you need that wine with cheese and crackers to unwind. And when you get up the next morning, you feel a little achy, but mostly you’d give anything for another hour or two of sleep, after being up two or three times during the night

Sound familiar? I know because I’ve been there. I know you would like to feel happier about your life and your health, but you probably just don’t know the steps to take to get there.

Everyone out there promises they have the solution, so why try the Cravings-Free Fall Cleanse? It won’t make all those issues vanish in 5 days. What it will do is jumpstart your path to healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle. Your higher level of energy means you will no longer need that coffee in the afternoon just to keep your eyes open. It means you feel better physically and experience the confidence that comes from feeling stronger and achieving what you’ve desired for so long.

Maybe your friends recently suggested you go someplace tropical together. Should be exciting, right? But all you can think of is how bad you’d feel in swimwear… It’s just no fun shopping these days for clothes. What if you could look forward to shopping for new styles and colors! What if you could go out knowing you look great…

“I feel so much better now; nothing could make me go back to my old ways!”

~Julie S., Providence, RI

Most diets promise weight loss and they do deliver… for as long as you are on the diet. I’ll bet you could probably take a trip to Europe with all the money you’ve spent on dieting over the years. Here’s the thing—you need to change your mindset, one step at a time. You really can enjoy healthy recipes, an active social life and get back the health you enjoyed when you were younger. All it takes is a shift from here to there and I will show you how I did it. We’ll start with the Cravings-Free Fall Cleanse and you can decide from there where you would like to go.

“Thanks again for helping jumpstart this new approach to eating. I’m thankful to have done so prior to the holidays. Rather than gain 10 pounds, I was able to continue to lose. Now I’ve reached a place where I believe my body is happy. When I do stray, I forgive myself first and then journal if the urge to stray continues. Beautiful things have happened along this journey since I began stating a daily intention. Thank you for that as well! May you be touched as beautifully as the lives you help transform.”

~Gloria B., Tiverton, RI

New Cravings-Free, Revitalizing Fall Cleanse
New Cravings-Free, Revitalizing Fall Cleanse

Jumpstart your path to healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle. Three calls with Sheryl on September 25, 27 and 29. Includes shopping list, recipes, bonuses and more!

Price: $75.00

My Story

Sheryl TurgeonAs a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, I have been through everything I just talked about. I was working 50-60 hour weeks at a high pressure job as CEO for a community health center. I had put on an extra 40 pounds during the 14 years I was in that role. I ate subs, pizza, fried chicken and other take-out foods because I didn’t have time to cook—or so I thought.

I was exhausted daily and by Friday night, had no energy left for anyone. I was in my 40s and, ironically, was battling both wrinkles and acne at the same time. Everything felt tight on me, because I was bloated most of the time. I had frequent hot flashes and was on an anti-depressant to try and keep my moods steady. I had done the dieting route, but found that even when I was strict about it, weight was difficult to lose.

When you finally get fed up with the weight, skin, and stomach issues (oh, and frequent headaches), the solution often appears. It did for me when I read about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. I’d always been interested in nutrition (I just didn’t do a whole lot about it, yet). So, I enrolled in the course and traveled from Providence to New York once a month on weekends to learn what I could about eating a healthy, whole foods diet.

For me, the first step was learning about my food sensitivities. When I eliminated wheat and dairy, the pounds started dropping off. I began to add in the whole, fresh, organic foods and squeeze out the fast, take-out stuff. Gradually, my skin cleared up, the weight came off and other health issues disappeared.

By the way, I left that crazy corporate job and started my own successful business coaching other women to create a healthy body and nurturing lifestyle. I’ve found that those of us who are highly sensitive have been socialized to want to be less like ourselves and more like everyone else, so helping other Highly Sensitive Women to feel empowered and use their gifts has become a passion for me.

It is important to me to help others get a taste of how great it feels when your life and eating habits support you. This is the first step and you’ll see results right away.

Blender with smoothieMy Cravings-Free Fall Cleanse takes the best of what I have learned about reducing inflammation, sugar cravings and boosting immunity with a simple, well-structured 5-day program to launch your journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

People have lost a few pounds on the Cleanse, but even more important, they get to find out what it feels like to eliminate some of those aches and pains, sleep better, think more clearly, reduce allergies, and embrace life with more energy!

Anyone who has done some research knows there are a lot of cleanses and detoxification programs out there. Many of them are pretty extreme. For example, the Master Cleanse allows drinking only water, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper or herbal tea. A few days of that and you’re basically out of nutrients, let alone the hunger pangs and resulting desire to binge that is likely to occur.

While some say a brief fast is good for the body, I feel most of us are generally nutrient deficient and we need to boost our nutrients while eliminating toxins.

“The cleanse was very easy to follow and I’m not craving sugar anymore!”

~Lena B., Dartmouth, MA

I have done the research for you by creating this Cravings-Free Fall Cleanse. I brought together what I consider to be the best aspect of all the Cleanses, using fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious soups (both raw and cooked), and some organic protein. For example, these foods:

  • vegetable displaySupport the liver, flush out toxins and nurture the gastrointestinal tract
  • Help release environmental toxins, heavy metals and pesticides
  • Fight cancer and stimulate enzymes
  • Clean out a sluggish colon
  • Reduce colds and flu
  • Stabilize blood sugar to help prevent diabetes
  • Help prevent cancer, due to low estrogen and high antioxidant properties

I do this Cleanse myself in the spring and fall to clean out the toxins and feel lighter, more energetic and happier. The main difference between this and other Cleanses is that you can eat and don’t have to go hungry! Hunger isn’t the point.

Feeling well nourished and healthier so that you can enjoy a full day without fatigue, think more clearly at work, drop a few pounds, get rid of those nasty cravings that continue to derail your best intentions, and boost your spirits is what this short Cleanse is all about.

Even if you’ve never done a Cleanse before, the Cravings-Free Fall Cleanse is structured to make the whole thing easy for you.

The Cravings-Free Fall Cleanse program includes:
  • woman with groceriesShopping List
  • Foods to Eat and Those to Avoid
  • Inflammation Reducing Foods
  • Cravings Reducing Foods
  • What to Eat if You Have Food Sensitivities
  • Sample Eating Plan
  • Recipes for a Variety of Palates
  • Tips to Ease Detoxification Symptoms
  • Three Calls to Guide, Support and Help You Celebrate
  • Connection with our Facebook Group for Accountability and Community
  • Amazing sugar facts that will blow your mind…
BonusYou also get these bonuses!

  • Cravings! Your Guide to Freedom from the Agonizing Urge to Splurge (My ebook on Amazon)
  • Special checklists, tip sheets and other tools only available in my book
  • Amazing Offer that Will Only Be Revealed on Our Celebration Call

Our Schedule:
All calls are done via my convenient conferencing service. You will receive the number following your registration. Calls are on September 25, 27 and 29 at noon Eastern.

New Cravings-Free, Revitalizing Fall Cleanse
New Cravings-Free, Revitalizing Fall Cleanse

Jumpstart your path to healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle. Three calls with Sheryl on September 25, 27 and 29. Includes shopping list, recipes, bonuses and more!

Price: $75.00

“Sheryl brought me focus and inspiration, shining light on my strengths and supporting me through my weaknesses. This understanding, along with her compassionate and motivating manner, helped me move forward with my dreams. Thanks again for everything. It was a wonderful experience!”

~Karen C., Cape Cod, MA

Participants have reported:

  • More vitality
  • Relief from cravings
  • Clearer thinking and better memory
  • Weight loss, less bloating
  • Clearer skin and shinier hair
  • Better moods
  • Improved allergies
  • Better digestion
  • Fewer achy joints

“I feel much better from doing the Cleanse! I especially enjoyed the Ultra Broth.”

~Heather H., Mattapoissett, MA

The Cleanse is structured to be easy to follow, though you could go through some detoxification symptoms around the third day. That is because your body has been turning itself inside out to metabolize the chemicals, toxins, pesticides, artificial ingredients and food dyes (to name a few) that are part of most Americans’ diets. I’ll be here to support you and walk you through any symptoms that may arise, such as achiness, headache, overall poor mood, or digestive issues.

In order to get to the other side and feel your best, you have to be willing to walk through some minor discomfort. As every participant I’ve coached says, “It’s well worth it!”

I just can’t say enough about how much my Cravings-Free Fall Cleanse has improved how people look and feel. That’s why I’m giving you my money-back guarantee: If you follow the Cleanse exactly as it is laid out and you are not satisfied with the results, call me within 30 days and I’ll give you your money back.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Just shoot me an email with your question or provide your phone number and the best time to reach you.

Sheryl TurgeonA Certified Health and Nutrition Coach specializing in Highly Sensitive Women, Sheryl Turgeon has been helping her clients create amazing health, nutrition and career transitions that inspire them to emerge into healthier, more vibrant and passionate versions of themselves.

She earned her Advanced Certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and is a member of the International Association of Health Coaches. Sheryl Turgeon began reaching out to others by hosting a Boston radio show and an international TV program called Living Healthy, as well as writing a monthly health column and articles on health and nutrition for a variety of magazines.

New Cravings-Free, Revitalizing Fall Cleanse
New Cravings-Free, Revitalizing Fall Cleanse

Jumpstart your path to healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle. Three calls with Sheryl on September 25, 27 and 29. Includes shopping list, recipes, bonuses and more!

Price: $75.00