Cravings—What’s the Hook?

Ever wonder why a craving hits when it does? Does it sometimes scream for satisfaction and other times whisper? Cravings are an interesting and complex phenomenon, driven by both physical and emotional needs.

Cravings at the fridge

Nancy (not her real name) always went to the refrigerator when a feeling of abandonment surfaced. Sweets soothed those feelings temporarily and became “the answer” for as long as it worked. Unfortunately, as cravings get more and more ingrained in our behavior, the consequences usually get greater too (weight gain, diabetes, inflammation and more).

In order to begin to unravel the craving and address it, we need to gain awareness of what we’re eating, when we’re eating it and how we feel before and afterward. This will give us clues as to what need the craving is attempting to satisfy, so we can begin to meet that need directly.

For example, a craving for something sweet usually means we’re living too sparse an existence and need to add a little sweetness to our life. By contrast, a craving for something crunchy could mean we’re angry or stressed and need to get those feelings out with each crunch.

Physical balance is another influence in creating cravings. If we lack certain minerals, we will go for salty food. A much more complex process happens with sugar, involving brain chemicals, insulin and blood sugar.

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