Cravings—What Does Your Favorite Flavor Mean?

Cravings come in a variety of flavors—and not all sweet. We usually go for saIty, crunchy, smooth, creamy, sweet and rich, and more rarely, sour or spicy tastes. While biological imbalances can cause cravings, I think they often start from a wounded place.

cravings for ice cream

When we experience cravings, we want something—love, comfort, attention, affection—and we are unable to get it. We reach for a substitute and find it eases those painful feelings of lack and emptiness. We soon learn to reach only for the substitute. It’s safer and always provides satisfaction, or so we think…

The problem with substitutions is that our need still hasn’t been met. It’s only been temporarily relieved and soon we’re craving again. If it were as easy as just transferring our craving from one food to another, everyone would be at their ideal weight.

But when we are eating for emotional reasons rather than hunger, we need to get to the bottom of why we crave what we crave before we can actually resolve the issue. For example, a craving for something sweet may mean you need more sweetness or loving care in your life.

Approaching cravings from many levels—emotional, hormonal, nutritional, habitual, and taste—is most likely to eliminate them for good. But it’s not an easy thing to address on your own.

If you would like some help, I’ll be providing some tips and ways to decipher your cravings at my talk Cravings! Your Guide to Freedom from the Agonizing Urge to Splurge. A book signing will follow on Saturday, June 11th from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at Four Elements Salon and Spa’s Himalayan Salt Cave, 632 State Road, Westport, MA 02790. You can register anytime here.

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