Resolving Food Sensitivities

Resolving Food Sensitivities

Do you have unresolved symptoms, like stomach disorders, migraines, obesity, ADHD, fatigue, asthma, skin problems, nasal or other chronic conditions? Believe it or not, these can all be caused by food sensitivities.

I know–I too have suffered from migraines, canker sores, breakouts, hives and other symptoms of Food Sensitivities. That’s why I want to share with you what I’ve found to be most helpful in resolving them.

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Food allergies and food sensitivities are actually two different things. While food allergies happen right away and can cause serious reactions like anaphylactic shock, food sensitivities are often delayed and can cause a variety of chronic symptoms like those I’ve mentioned. Since they can show up anywhere from 24 hours to four days later, they are often difficult to diagnose, so blood tests seem to be most accurate.

Modern living has made the likelihood of food sensitivities worse, due to things like GMOs (genetically modified organisms), Leaky Gut Syndrome or an imbalance in gut bacteria (Candida).

We test your blood through the Elisa/Act sensitivity testing to discover what may be impacting your immune system and when you blood reacts to specific antigens, it means you’re sensitive to them. ELISA/Act Laboratories tests your reaction to foods, molds, toxic metals and chemicals, and medications.

Once we get the results, we create a plan of recovery that may include changes in eating habits, supplements that help heal the gut and reduce inflammation, foods and spices that support the immune system, and creating a Nourishing Lifestyle Plan™ that helps you heal faster and reduce future sensitivities.

I know from personal experience how hard it is to hear that you can’t eat a favorite food. The good news is that it is usually only a short-term issue and you will feel so much better afterward. In fact, clients often find they develop new favorite foods while they are healing!

Many practitioners offer the test, go over the results and send you on your way with a couple of follow-up visits.You are left to figure out how to substitute your own foods (when cooking, flavoring can become difficult). We often crave the foods we are sensitive to, as well. I’ll help you every step of the way, giving you lots of recommendations and assistance when you need it.

My allergies are gone! So is my post-nasal drip. I got a lot out of our time together…so much more than just the physical benefits that I hoped for. Thank you so much!
~Melissa D., Swansea, MA

Food Sensitivity Coaching Includes:

  • Five 30-minute coaching calls over 3 months
  • Results and Recommendations – It will take from one week to 10 days to receive the results of your testing (not included). We review the results and create an action plan to begin healing your gut and support your immune system.
  • Advanced Nourishment Awareness™ – In addition to the clinical testing, you may be aware that certain foods make you feel boated and sluggish or edgy and anxious. We enhance your ability to discern how different foods and eating habits make you feel to create a food plan that provides you with maximum energy, better moods and greater health.
  • Recipes and Snacks – I help you change the eating habits that no longer serve you and give you options to add in delicious new foods, based on your sensitivities and palate.
  • Email between visits


  • Food Sensitivities CD
  • Symptom Tracking System
  • Copy of my E-book, Cravings, when it is published in 2015

Since I stopped eating gluten, my acid reflux has disappeared! I don’t have to take medication anymore.
~Cyndi M., Dartmouth, MA

My clients have discovered results like:

  • Increased energy
  • Greater awareness of how different foods affect your body
  • Eliminated or decreased chronic symptoms, such as headaches, rashes, IBS, and achy joints
  • Better moods and increased enthusiasm for life
  • Healthier skin, hair, nails from improved nutrition

If you think you may be suffering from food sensitivities, it’s time to do something about it before the inflammation in your body gets worse. If you would like to have a brief conversation about how to get on the path to feeling great, click here to set up your personal, complimentary consultation.