Fall Cleanse Teleseminar

Cravings! What Works and Why

We all get cravings at one time or another. Cravings range from a desire for a piece of chocolate to compulsively downing a carton of ice cream.

One nearly universal trigger is stress. We want to ease those anxious feelings with chips, sugar, shopping, carbohydrates, chocolate, alcohol—whatever is particularly soothing to us.

When we start talking about other substances, we often speak of addictions, such as cigarettes, alcohol, or opiates, to name a few. While sugar is a food, it’s been shown to be as or more addictive than heroin or cocaine. It also lights up the same areas in the brain as abused drugs.


Have you tried cleanses before only to go back to your old habits?

Join me for this free teleclass where I will share:

  • What starts a craving
  • Why so many diets don’t work
  • New ways to respond to cravings
  • Tips on what works to permanently eliminate cravings

Thursday, September 21st | 6 p.m. Eastern | Telephone

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You will also have a chance to ask questions on this teleseminar, so it’s best to attend live if at all possible. The call will be recorded and you’ll have access for a brief time if you’re interested and can’t join us.

A recent client says…
“Sheryl Turgeon has a remarkable way of easing her clients through the myriad of mental games we play with our health and nutrition. With her willingness to listen, educate and encourage she provides an invaluable service. Whether you have sensitivities or just want to get healthy, I highly recommend her services.” ~Alexandria Mauck, Westport Point, MA. http://www.alexandriamauck.com

Sheryl TurgeonA Certified Health and Nutrition Coach specializing in Highly Sensitive Women, Sheryl Turgeon has been helping her clients create amazing health, nutrition and personal life transitions that inspire them to emerge into healthier, more vibrant and passionate versions of themselves.

She earned her Advanced Certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and is a member of the International Association of Health Coaches. Author of Cravings! Your Guide to Freedom from the Agonizing Urge to Splurge, Sheryl Turgeon has been writing monthly health columns and articles on health and nutrition for a variety of magazines.

She began reaching out to others by hosting an Alternative Health radio show in Boston and an international TV program (now on YouTube) called Living Healthy.

If you wish to speak with Sheryl directly, just visit SherylTurgeon.com and click “Schedule a Chat.”