Want the Skinny on the Best Cleanse for You?

You have so many choices today on ways to cleanse your body, change your eating habits, diet or detoxify it’s tough to know what to do and how to choose the best cleanse for YOU. Some people swear by the Paleo Diet, in which the main food is protein with some vegetables, but no grains. The intention is to eat like our “caveman” ancestors ate.

how to choose the best cleanse for you

Others are devoted to a vegan (no dairy, eggs, or honey) or vegetarian diet (no animal protein). The reasons, which may be sound but not necessarily suited to everybody, are treating animals humanely, conserving resources and improving digestive concerns.

Cleanses run the gambit from strict fasting, such as the Master Cleanse (honey, cayenne and lemon juice) to juicing and eliminating several food groups for usually between 10 and 30 days. Some cleanses include food and vary as to which food groups are included.

Lots of Cleanses make lots of promises, but you need to ask yourself three questions before you decide on the best cleanse for you:

  • What are my major goals for doing a Cleanse—Reset my energy, lose a bit of weight, detoxify, etc?
  • Is this Cleanse structured to suit my lifestyle—Can I manage to stay on the Cleanse while working or traveling?
  • Does it contain foods that taste good—Can I enjoy these foods for a week?

I’m happy to talk it over with you on my free tele-class, Thursday, April 21st. To register and get the knowledge you need to make your best choice, click here.

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