5 Ways to Renew Your Body

I saw my first crocus this morning! Living in Massachusetts, we’re late bloomers compared to our friends in the South. It gets me thinking about eating fresh greens, shoots and salads and cleansing out the winter sludge that hibernation mode brings.

Renew your body

If you aren’t ready yet for a full out cleanse, you can add a few simple practices to your routine that will awaken your spirit and renew your vitality.

  • Drink a cup of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning to get your body cleansing and bowel moving.
  • Stretch upon awakening and give yourself stretch breaks throughout the day (it gets you up out of your chair if you have a desk job).
  • Start juicing or making smoothies for breakfast or lunch—lots of veggies and a couple of apples for the juice or berries and greens in the smoothie (click here for a smoothie recipe).
  • Get moving! Walk outside in the fresh spring air or ride a bike. If you are near the ocean, a walk by the sea will help reduce allergies too.
  • Perk yourself up with a fun, new activity—you might try a new organic restaurant or visit a salt cave (among other things, it can detoxify your body and reduce allergies).

And if you want the full enchilada, I’ll be offering a Sugar Blast Cleanse the last week in April. We start with a teleseminar Thursday, April 21st. Click here for more info.

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